$1195 for your best year ever

fmc-001-stdFinancially speaking,

It costs $1195 for your best year ever with us. Reach your top pay position with us! That’s $100 a month.

How to earn $2490 extra spending cash this year, and more is all inside if you do a little something to grow your opportunity and our client base.


Do “This” and the payout is double your annual fees. You’re in for free.

Inside you will learn that there are hundreds of ways to increase your pay from your current job, hundreds of way to help get that raise and position, and NONE of them you should try without assistance.

Instead, the smarter way is to use the mentoring and PIA system to pick and choose the ONE right thing to do, then the NEXT STEP and so on. ONE win at a time takes you up a step and then focus on the next ONE. One step at a time.

Your WORK A DAY job or career top pay position is PRODUCT A.

Your PRODUCT B is a secondary income from recruiting and training new recruits and trainers.

Personal results of Product A and Product B which are coaching membership subscriptions are individually based on performance and timing and previous experience and previous networks of contact who are progressive in networking with personal integrity and openness.

When you earn 200% on fees back in your pocket, you have graduated the first lessons. When that happens within a certain amount of time shown below your earnings in top pay position with us (Product B: professional recruiting and training course) goes up with additional bonuses as follows in three levels, with sooner being the higher reward and a decent 12 weeks or 90 days to complete the first lesson:

Earn Your Double Back in 4 Weeks and receive a rebate of $995 on your Annual fee.

  • Your first mover advantage earning of $2390 + 4 Week Bonus level of $995 = $3485 on account to spend transfer or withdraw.

Earn Your Double Back in 8 weeks and receive a lesser rebate of $695 on your Annual fee.

  • At 8 weeks receive $695 = $3085 Total

Earn Your Double Back in 12 Weeks and Receive a smaller $295 Bonus Rebate on Annual Fees. Still, $295 is nothing to sneeze about. Pays a bill.

  • Your $2390 + $295 becomes $2685

Our One Year Mutual Commitment

…is to your mental and emotional strength. Use our ideas your database of knowledge and methods, you are never lost for answers, we are here, jobs are one thing, community support another, church might, all people need community support. Technology takes jobs no doubt any more.

That leaves one strategy, stabilize then advance.

We all need robot equity. In 90 days we attempt to front end load a pod of five people, the perfect traveling size team, and perfect project team. Four Teams, Sixteen Teams and Sixty-Four Teams totals 84 Teams.

That is duplication 3 times, or 4 by 4 by 4. OR 4 to the power of 3.

You would earn about (??) from each team, which gives you a total of (???) each month for 6 months after. In the next 90 days you could do that again and that would look like (???) from each team and (????) teams and something between (????) a month and (?????).

The plan is 100% need to know. Doing unlocks information. No one can copy this, ever, and expect to live without a law suit for breaking the TM and C rights.

  • Open Opportunity –
  • Rebate Money Guarantee –
  • Group Therapy for Worklessness –
  • Meet and greets with head hunters and new economy company decision makers.
  • Discount and Free Weekly and Monthly training’s and seminars.

Coping with worklessness in the postmodern world.

Dealing with the personality adjustments needed to better your attractiveness to success.

We believe a strength of character, mind and personality development, demonstrated by job seekers and the talent top pay position takers, is provided by the tangible powers behind begin member of the unified community which gives a member a faster access to a smoother path to reemployment.

Smooth out the valleys in life with open opportunities incomes.

The genius is not to think. Do what you decide to trust in. it’s a decision not a thought. The people running it did all the thinking and they want to win. Do they want to win long time? Yes. Forever.

We can forever help the workless in the world in all their social emotional psychological needs.

As you are support you can begin to earn even when you are between jobs. And we can suport you in becoming the personally the companies are hiring. The secret is they have to train you. More every year. More if the company is especially new.  That’s why your workable personality matter more than experience or education these days.

Repeat a fact of life. Monkey jobs pay the best. Monkey jobs pay the best.

Here is the highest paying monkey job. Go to a computer. Login to a CRM and enter a contacts information. It is called contact management technician. It pays (???) a week, a day, an hour. That Contact Relationship Manager is software that will lead a person to the information they are most interesting in. YOU DO NOTHING but enter new real interesting people to the CRM system of earning income. The point is Monkey jobs pay the best.

The geniuses that invent this stuff take years to get paid. You get paid instantly.

This program did not begin until Spring 2016

Investor Opportunities do not exist.

See page 2995 for junior apprentice information

See page 4950 for Associate Account

See page 24950 for Senior Associate of the firm.