PIA Prelaunch Business Event – Free Registry Mode

Enroll for free during prelaunch.


When money is required is after launch of the company.

You are here to take advantage of being first.

You are here for the higher chance to earn much more income from this business.

You are here to participate in fun and rewarding events and  opportunities as we raise funds for our launch.

There are no income Guarantees.

However, we guarantee that the team is building an automatic computerized payout system for you when you recommend our company as a qualified associate, to strangers word of mouth or anyone else who comes as a friend of a friend, for a maximum income of 1,000 a day, or 7,000 a week.

Please don’t allow this income cap to discourage you.

There are 3 categories of new companies. Each one has the same 1,000 a day income cap. We recommend following the official lessons in your life and becoming successful in one first before developing another one. In a perfect world an associate could reach 3,000 a day by the 9 to 12 month in our program.

Please don’t allow the total of 3,000 per day income cap to discourage you.

The founder was tier of all the purposeless self help programs in the world so he blocked them all. He took his incredible personal and private experience that made him so unique and amazing in so many ways, and reduced the experience of the path he was on to 9 lessons for Living the Good Life.

Lesson one is the simple truth that saves you when nothing else can.

Lesson nine is the ultimate flexible free and perpetually rewarding early retirement from work lifestyle plan.

Lesson nine is literally living life based on a real living paradise, contentment, self actualization, beyond freedom, pure consciousness, all the money you ever need for you and any others you desire to assist, with all the power and the wisdom on how to use your great fortune of bliss.

But Guess What? You don’t need all nine to have a great life. You don’t need to reach nine, because by the time you reach six you will begin to completely understand that paradise is a state of mind a condition of your heart and emotions and the health and energy you experience.

A 12 YEAR OLD CAN DO THIS. However they can only hold a business income center until they receive legal permission from a guardian or parent at least 16 years old, who must preform any transactions during prelaunch.

Lessons 123 are all free.

Lessons 456 all cost a small startup and a small monthly business expense.

Lessons 789 all become self sustainable income with your investment coming from reinvested business revenues.

Lessons 1 2 and 3 are not complete at the prelaunch. First copies go to registered Associates.

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Networker’s and INSIDERS

We are promoting 3 categories of SOHO, small office home office. Each with a daily income cap of $1,000. This is to deter greedy people who often carry other negative effects on a business over time.


A Single Vertical Pay-line grows with registered associates daily.

EVERYONE comes directly after you as soon as you time stamp and verify your free registration!!!

It doesn’t matter who invites that person to the program they ALL go after you in one very long growing vertical Leg.

The computer comes in a grabs a copy of a segment of 120 associates. It credits one of them by $2,500.

The software credits 2 more with $1,250 each, while 4 people receive $625 each.

There will be 8 people out of 120 who win $300 each. 16 folks will take home $125.

EVERYONE in the segment of 120 associates will win a minimum of $30 at launch.



everyone who comes after you in the data base one of your legs for the life of your participation. You earn a royalty for all the sales and marketing that people do who come after you. Add 2 to qualify, 5 for bonuses and 9 for a top pay position. The m,ore you refer the higher your infinite depth dividend royalty for being first to help us grow world wide is your dream come true. Like winning a lottery or your free money chance and it all comes just in time when you are going to need it in a few week.

Week by week steady earnings tarting small and growing daily. Money some work in and more money and free time cashed out. Small at first but steady and growing for everyone. Not quick to become large but in 3 4 and 6 months there is a gross accumulation of propellers solved by income.